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3 Ways You Can Find a Job Using LinkedIn
Here is how you can use your LinkedIn profile to get your next job:...
5 Things Every Successful Persons CV Has
Successful people tend to have certain things in common and these things are what contributed to them all becoming successful in what they do....
3 Ways To Show Your Achievements And Boost Your Career Success With LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the place to be for those wanting to get a head start in their career. Recruiters and hiring managers are constantly scouring the professional network to find potential candidates...
CV and Interview Skills Workshops
Pitman Training Swords recently held a number of CV and Interview Skills Workshops for students. The workshops were delivered by Carol O’Byrne of Katalis Group....
4 Reasons You Should Have Your CV Ready At All Times
It is a common thing when you are happy in your job to let your CV become old and outdated. The reality is, if you let your CV go stale, you may not have enough time to act when a new opportunity arises or circumstances change....
6 Social Networking Sites For Professionals and Job Hunters
Social media has become engrained in everything we do now. It’s how we keep up to date with news, communicate with friends, and now it is increasingly becoming a way to find a job....
4 CV Trends We are Seeing In 2016
There are always trends in what employers/recruiters look for in a CV and some of the trends we are seeing in 2016 are:...
Make Yourself Employable In 2016!
The job market is picking back up again but there is still high competition for the jobs available in all sectors and to even get a second look from recruiters and employers is proving difficult....
Claim Your Training Bursary and Kickstart Your Career This New Year
We’re currently offering training bursaries to selected students who apply in 2015!...
Is The Traditional 8-hour Work Day Hurting Our Health
For the most part, our lives continuously follow a pattern. We wake up, eat 3 square meals a day, sleep for 8 hours per night and work for 8 hours per day (usually 9am to 5pm, as Dolly Parton infamously sang about)....
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