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What to do when switching careers isn't an option

What can you do when switching careers isn’t an option but you are in need of job satisfaction?

When it comes to complete job satisfaction, more than one fifth of us are not happy within our careers. As a result, we are opting to look for a new and more exciting change. But what if this isn’t an option?

Let’s think about your limitations that makes this impossible. You have family so you can’t easily relocate to a new town or city. Your specialist skills you have developed over your permanent career are non-transferable. Or, you have a huge fear of the unknown in that you have never known anything else.

So what’s left for you to do? Stay unhappy and deal with it? Face the facts you’re condemned to this career no matter how unsatisfied you are and how enticing that other occupations is? No.

No matter how much pressure you feel you have within your current job, there are a number of things you can do in and out of work to help put your mind at ease and allow you to be content during your employment. Here are some things for you to consider:

Review your career path within your firm or sector

What other opportunities and jobs are there within your business? Are there other employers who are working within a separate department doing a better, more enticing job that you think would give you that positive, new change? Would you like to take on more managerial responsibilities?

If the answer to any of those is yes than this is where you should review and think about taking a different path within your firm. Even if your skills don’t currently match to that particular role you have your eye on, don’t let this stop you taking a leap. Remember you already have an advantage over external candidates because of the fact you currently work in the company and have done for some time. You understand their purpose and culture behind the business which gives you huge credibility and value to the business. However, this doesn’t mean you will get the job, but what would stand you in good stead is to do some extra or refresher training, to brush up on and add to the skills you already have.

Training and Personal Development

With that in mind this moves us to another possibility. A number of occupations and businesses offer many different training and personal development courses as an opportunity for you to expand upon your current skills. Explore these and take advantage of other openings which will allow you to climb up the ladder at work.

What personal or technical skills are you interested in obtaining? Discuss these with your employer and consider enrolling onto the relevant training courses. This is where, similar to an interview, you demonstrate why and how it is in the interest of not just yourself, but your employer and the business for you to participate and achieve this experience. If you want to step up at work, this is your chance to take it. Just highlight all the benefits, particularly if you need help with the funding.

Talk to your employer

When I say talk to your employer, I don’t mean tell them how much you hate your job or how little respect and value you have left for the company. What I do mean is, after considering other routes and paths into the business, approach them with an insight into your issues so they have constructive, positive messages to think about. Underline your hidden qualities that are put to waste in your current department or not used to their full advantage, and stress how useful this could be in an upcoming project they may have. Tell them X asset of yours would work well if you took the responsibility in Y proposal or approaching plans.

You may well feel unhappy at work and things are getting tiring in your weekly routine, but the possibilities to change this is endless. Take the plunge and try something new to spice up your employment. Look inside your company and find a new route to take and opt to do career training, as a way of learning something new and exciting, broadening your horizons but without the hassle of a total career change.

Maria Lalor

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