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How To Get a Job In The Financial Sector


How To Get a Job In The Top Sectors in 2014: Financial


The Financial Sector

With the economy returning back to health again, an increasing number of businesses large and small are in need of help to keep their finances in check, and protect them in the eventuality that the economy drops again!

Although the economy may be on the mend, that doesn’t mean it is fully recovered and nor have the people that have survived the downturn. That means that businesses would rather take on one employee who can help in multiple areas, than 5 employees to spread the workload across.

That means that having admin and accounting skills when applying not only within financial focused roles but secretarial and other admin related roles will vastly improve your chances of finding a position, and will make you indispensible to your new (or even current) employer.

The Skills

The following list is some of the typical areas in which you may be required to have skills when looking at a job with financial elements:

  • Management of human resources
  • Managing claims for and receipt of payments
  • Book keeping
  • General admin tasks such as data input and filing
  • Communications both internally and externally
  • Management of team members

The Qualifications

There are a range of qualifications that can help you gain the skills needed to enter and progress in the financial sector, or even just boost your employability from the angle of durability within a business. The following are the main suggested career training courses that would be best suited to a career in finance services:


  • Book Keeping – This course would give you the basic skills needed to perform manual book-keeping within a business. There are also higher level modules to progress to in order to further develop your knowledge and skills.
  • Costing and Pricing – This will enable you to properly assess the costing and pricing of product and services within the business to ensure profitability.
  • Sage Quickpay – This course will give you the skills and knowledge to manage the payroll both manually and computerised within a business.
  • Sage 50 Accounts 2011 – This will enable you to input book-keeping data into a computerised programme, if you have prior knowledge of manual book-keeping.


For more information and advice on how to get a job the financial sector or you want to know more about expanding your finance related skills, please contact us on 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net today.


Maria Lalor


The next article in our ‘How To Get A Job In The Top Sectors in 2014’ series will look at Marketing.

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