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Why Typing Skills Are Important in 2014


Why Typing Skills Are Important in 2014


Typing is viewed as something everyone can ‘do’, but gaining speed and skill in typing is not considered at the top of many people’s to do list, unless it is a direct requirement of the job (such as for secretarial or administration based positions).

But the truth is, everyone could benefit from focusing on their typing skills. There are many benefits for everyone to reaching a good typing speed and learning to type more accurately. Here are just some of the reasons why typing skills are important in 2014:

Speed Means Productivity

No matter what you are doing on the computer, faster typing means getting it down quicker. It’s as simple as that. And who doesn’t want to be more productive on a daily basis? Even the simplest of tasks such as replying to emails can be done in half or even a quarter of the time by typing with speed and accuracy, and you could even find you get your workload done in half the time!

It Appeals To Employers

It’s not just employers of secretaries and data clerks that would be impressed if a candidate had a typing speed of over 20 words per minute. It is such a simple skill to develop, but so many candidates overlook it as it isn’t essential to their job role.

But the truth is, if a person is able to put typing down as a skill on their CV then it’s going to appeal to an employer over someone who doesn’t have that skill for the simple reason mentioned in the first point. Speed means productivity. If you can type fast and accurately you are likely to get through a computer based workload in half the time that someone without typing skills would be able to!

It Can Help You Think and Communicate Better

The more you develop your typing skills, the more typing becomes like a natural motion to you, just like breathing. And when you’re typing becomes natural, so does your writing. You don’t have to think as much about what you say before you type, so you’re writing simply flows because your hands are no longer slowing the flow.

It also means that when you have a thought train you can get the ideas down much quicker, and you will no longer have to worry about losing your train of thought because you were stumbling over the keys!

It’s A Highly Transferrable Skill

Typing has its benefits in all aspects of life, and is one of the most versatile skills a person could learn. Not only does it come into play in the vast majority of vocations, it is also beneficial to students when working through assignments, and even improves daily leisure activities that involve computers.

It Could Win You A Tablet!

Because we recognise what an important skill typing is, we want to give the fastest fingers in North County Dublin a reward for their achievement! We’re holding a typing competition at our Swords training centre on North Street to find who can type the fastest, and the prize is a Tablet!

The competition will run between 7th April and 9Th May, with the winner being announced on 13th May. During that time all you have to do is drop into our Pitman Training Swords centre on North Street and take our typing test. So why not give it a go? It’s a fun way to test your skill and see if you can beat your own personal record, and you could even win a Tablet!

If you would like to know more about the competition terms and conditions and how to enter log onto www.PitmanTrainingSwords.ie, give us a call on 01 840 4075 or drop into our local training centre on North Street, Swords.

Best of luck, and may the fastest fingers win!



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