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Recruiters Calling Out For More Trained Legal Secretaries As Demand For Talent Rises


Recruiters in Ireland have recently noticed a phenomenal rise in the demand for talent in legal administration. They are finding that the unique combination of secretarial skills and law knowledge are proving hard to come by, meaning that those with the required training are able to take their pick of opportunities; a rarity in the aftermath of the recession.

Irish recruitment firm Lex Consultancy say there are too few trained legal secretaries with the three most important skills; typing from audio dictation, Microsoft Office Suite and speed typing, which is why they are looking directly to training centres to find freshly qualified talent.

Maria Lalor, who runs Pitman Training Swords career training centre on North Street, Swords, says “Recruiters are coming directly to us and asking us to provide them with students with the key skills needed to fill these upcoming legal secretary positions.

“It means we are able to line up jobs for students before they have even completed their training, so they are literally walking straight into their dream job with no hunting or experience needed. Two students in the last week have been head-hunted and gone straight out of training and into legal secretary positions!”

The issue with such a high demand and a shortage of supply means that if it carries on, the legal sector could have a skills crisis on their hands, which is why they are currently calling out for more secretaries to become trained in legal.

The job of a legal secretary does require more skill and knowledge than a general admin position, but with employers offering salary hikes and increased benefits and opportunities in an attempt to entice talent into the sector, the additional training to become a legal secretary has never been more worthwhile.

This is excellent news for anyone looking to train as or who has recently trained as a legal secretary, as opportunities are at an all time high, meaning there is no better time to be getting into the profession.

In lieu of the rising demand for legal secretaries, Pitman Training Swords are hosting an open evening at their career training centre on North Street, Swords on Wenesday 4th June. You can drop in to find out more about what a day in the life of a legal secretary entails, and chat to them about what training you would need to undergo to start a career in the profession.

For more information, call Pitman Training Swords on 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net.


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