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5 Tell Tale Signs It's Time For A Career Change

5 Tell Tale Signs Its Time For A Career Change

Could your job the reason you are unhappy? Are career woes causing those foul moods and seeping into your personal life? Whether you are returning from an employment break or just dont feel comfortable with your career direction, there are 5 tell tale signs that can indicate when its time for you to make a clean break and start focusing on a new career path.

Conflicts In Values

For a workplace and its staff to be at its most positive and productive, everyone needs to be on the same page and share the same values. If you work closely with people who have conflicting values, or even if the leaders of the company dont share your values, then you are unlikely to ever feel completely happy working there. For example, if you are a family person who wants a stable work-life balance and you work for a company that sees value in those willing to work extra hours and take work home, then the relationship between you and the job will never work.

Feeling Under-valued

If you go out of your way to excel in your job and you get ignored or even worse criticised for your contributions, then you cant be blamed for being unhappy! If your skills arent being properly recognised and utilised then theres no satisfaction in what you do, so find an organisation who WILL see your value and use your skills and knowledge.

Changes In Life

This could be anything from returning to work after a break or after having children to relocating or gaining new responsibilities in your personal life. Every so often, especially when big changes occur in our lives, we have to step back a re-evaluate our priorities and make necessary changes to keep everything in sync.

That Feeling of Dread

We have all felt it, and some of us might only feel it on a Monday morning after a blissful weekend off or when returning from a holiday, but for others that dread doesnt go away as the week passes. If the thought of your job gives you nightmares or is affecting your moods on a regular basis, then its most likely time for a change. It could be down to your employer or even just that the career isnt for you, but whatever causes the dread its time to knock it on head and make a change.

Feeling Bored

If you spend most of your time zoning out and watching the clock, running through tedious tasks and never feeling challenged, then its time to rethink your career. A fulfilling job challenges you on a regular basis and is hardly ever predictable or boring. If a job does become tedious, it can lead to the above mentioned feelings of unhappiness and dread, and worse, depression.
Do any of the above sound familiar? Then you should be considering a career change! On average we spend over 70% of our week at work, so we cant afford to waste that time in a miserable and unsatisfying job!
If you want to chat to someone about how to make a career change and what career paths would best suit your life, call our friendly careers support team on 01 8404075 or drop into our Pitman Training Centre located on North Street, Swords on Monday the 13th of October between 4:00 7:00 pm.

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