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When Is The Best Time To Change Jobs?

When Is The Best Time To Change Jobs?


The truth is, there isn’t a real one-size-fits-all answer to that question! 

It really depends on what industry you want to work in and what role you want, the company you are looking to work for or even the reason. It is also defined by your own personal circumstances.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Changing Jobs

1.  How would a drop in salary or reduction of bonuses/benefits package impact you right now? Can you afford to take the hit if necessary to move positions?

2.  Do you have the time and energy to give your all to a new role right now?

3.  Does your current employment contract tie you down in any way? Do you need to wait until this is nearing an end before moving jobs to save issues?

4.  Are you due a bonus payment that you would lose if you go now? Should you hold on for it?

5.  Are there any openings with your current employer that match what you are looking to advance to?

6.  What is the current employment climate in your industry? Are there roles similar to your own available?

7.  Based on your skills and experience, how in demand would you be in the current job market?

8.  Do you have any long breaks from work currently arranged? New employers may be less understanding about long breaks as they don’t know you as well as your current employer.

9.  Would your current employer give you a positive reference? If you have had recent issues that could cause a negative reference, it may be worth staying longer in your current position to turn that around.

10. Is the opportunity you have seen a once in a lifetime offer or is the company likely to recruit again soon for a similar role?

Many roles can be left whenever you like, but it is always worth making sure it’s the best time for YOU to be moving roles. Is it the best thing for you right now and is it what you truly want?  You will perform best in a new job if it’s the right time for you to take it on.

If you would like some friendly and impartial advice on considering a job change, you can chat to our career advisors. Call 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net to arrange an informal chat, or drop into our centre on North Street, Swords, Co. Dublin.



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