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How To Make It Easier For Recruiters To Find You Online

How To Make It Easier For Recruiters To Find You Online

In the past, the only way you got a job was by hunting one down yourself. You had to scour the classified ads, call companies directly and do all the running around yourself. But with advances in technology that now shape how our society lives, the way we find jobs has now changed drastically.

With the aid of the internet and in particular social media, recruiters can now seek out people they feel would be a good fit for job vacancies. This means you could find your next position without actually looking for it!  

But how do you ensure you get found my recruiters for the job you want?

Create and Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, the professional network as it’s referred to, is a recruiter’s first port of call. One of the things LinkedIn is most popular for is recruiting for jobs, so it makes sense that having a strong profile on the network will stand you in good stead.

It’s important to make sure your profile is as complete as possible and that you are making connections with the right people if you want to get found by recruiters. LinkedIn’s search results are displayed by order of your connection to the person (1st degree, 2nd degree, etc.) and how complete your profile is.

Get Active On Social Media – But Keep It Professional

As well as LinkedIn, recruiters often use other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to find untapped talent. The best way to get found on social media is to share information that is relevant to your skills and strengths. This could mean including your job title or skills in your bios and post images, links to articles and share your opinions on topics that relate to your expertise.

 If you understandably don’t want to mix this stuff in with your personal social media activity, then it is advisable to create a separate personal account. Many people chose to have a professional account under their full name which they can then optimise for recruiters and a personal account under a nickname that personal contacts will know them by.

Include Keywords In Your Profiles

It’s common for recruiters to use keywords when searching for candidates online. They will often search a particular skill or job title that relates to the position they are looking to fill. Candidates with this keyword or title in their profiles will come up much higher in their searches and therefore have a better chance of being seen in relation to the job they are looking for.

Make Connections

Connecting with people on LinkedIn and building a network full of relevant contacts is important. The kind of people you connect with should be recruiters, hiring managers, senior managers withing companies you would like to work for, or any other industry influencers.

Share Your Success!

Don’t be afraid to boast about your achievements on your professional social media profiles. If you complete a new project and it went well, or you get a new job/promotion, share it with your connections! The more often you update your profile and more information you provide, the more likely it is that a recruiter will find you.  And the more successful and confident you appear, the better!

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