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4 Ways Your CV and LinkedIn Profile Need To Be Different

4 Ways Your CV and LinkedIn Profile Need To Be Different


Yes, your LinkedIn profile should complement your CV and vice versa. However, they should not directly copy each other as this wastes the unique and powerful features at your disposal on LinkedIn. Not to mention how bad it then looks to a recruiter who looks at both your CV and your LinkedIn profile and realises you have copied everything…

There are at least 4 ways in which your CV and LinkedIn profile need to differ:


While your CV is typically one or two pages at most in length, you are not as limited when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. Yes, you should still keep it to the point, but you can elaborate a little more on things. You can also add in additional information such as achievements and other notable areas of your life that reflect well on your career success.


While your CV is a formal document, your LinkedIn profile allows you to be more personal and sociable. It is, after all, a social network for professionals. Get chatty with your connections and make conversation, using the platform to gain new insight, new contacts and exposure in the right sectors.

3.Text Versus Multi-media

While your CV remains strictly a text document with brief summaries of your achievements, LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate achievements using multiple forms of media.

You can upload video, images, presentations, PDFs and more to your profile to back up your career success and achievements.

4. CVs Are Sent To Recruiters; LinkedIn Profiles Bring Recruiters To You

CVs are typically sent out to recruiters and hiring managers based on job advertisements.

With LinkedIn, however, the tables are turned. Recruiters can search LinkedIn and find thousands of profiles for potential candidates. They often connect with and send out messages to the ones who catch their eye, inviting them to apply for certain positions.

This means that unlike your CV, which needs to be tailored a specific job application, your LinkedIn profile needs to be more generalised. It should provide an overview of your skills, knowledge and interests that would show a recruiter at first glance what type of job you are interested in and suitable for.

Need Help With LinkedIn or Your CV?

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