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CV Writing: Use These 5 Facts To Highlight Your Value To Employers

CV Writing: Use These 5 Facts To Highlight Your Value To Employers


Facts have never had a worse reputation, as President Donald Trump continues his one-man stand against seemingly the whole American media with his 'fake news and alternative facts' agenda.

But facts still have a place in everyday life and, although it may sound obvious, on your CV too. Forget cliches and 'buzzwords' - facts are the way to go.

But which ones? By putting yourself in the seat of the recruiter, it's easy enough to figure out. Luckily, we've done it for you.


There aren't many jobs on the planet that require you to live in isolation, speaking and seeing no-one. So each of us interact with other people on a daily basis; clients, customers, colleagues, bosses... So highlight this. It's something that almost every job out there will need, so show that you can do it! Evidence that you can build strong working relationships will only stand you in good stead.


Again, used in pretty much every job out there and most roles will require you to know your way around computers, so employers will have this one high up their list to tick off.

3.Where You Fit In Their Team

Make your current position clear. Outline who you report to, and who you oversee. Some candidates will sit right at the top and oversee everything, some will lead a small team and others will work completely independently with no-one over their shoulder. The recruiter/interviewer will be working out where to place you in the existing structure, so this information can only help.

4.What You Do – And What Your Employer Does!

Don't assume that the tech giant you're interviewing with knows everything about what your small start-up does, for example, and be prepared to tell them! If you work for a giant like Coca-Cola, this probably isn't necessary so instead, tell them how your department contributes to the businesses' success.


Any recruitment is a gamble, and recruiters are always looking for the safest bet, so numbers can be a great way to demonstrate your worth. Whether it's the revenue you generated for your company or the amount of people your digital campaign reached, for example, specific numbers are a great way to give context and really impress the recruiter.



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