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How to Narrow In on a Career Path When You Want to Try Everything

How to Narrow In on a Career Path When You Want to Try Everything


We all remember the days when we were younger and what we wanted to be "when we grow up" changes with the wind; from footballer to fireman and almost everything in-between.

Then you grow up, such a scattergun strategy isn't the best all of a sudden and it pays to be just a little bit more focused. Still, a little bit of the child in you may have a variety of ideal careers, so how do you narrow it down?

Make a list of them all, and then run them through the following tests.

Do You Really Want It?

Or is it something society thinks you should do, your parents think you should do or your dog thinks you should do? (Unlikely, granted, but you never know).

It goes without saying that things you will enjoy are better for you. So your parents may be hot-shot judges but your dream is to travel the world and be an artist. One will give you immense enjoyment. And the other, believe us, probably will not.

Is It A Hobby Or A Career?

You may have all the passion in the world for something, but doing it every day for the rest of your life could become tedious and tiresome very quickly. And if your interests include journalism and tiger training, for example, you can actively pursue a career in one and keep the other as a hobby - it's not an exclusive thing!

Likewise if it's something you are interested in, or want to pursue a career in. I'm forever interested in the mechanics of aeroplanes, for example, but couldn't think of many worse jobs than being a pilot or air steward.

What Do You Need?

If four of the five jobs on your list are all animal-based, for example, then that is obviously a trait you have identified for you. Doing that will help you narrow down a very wide field and pick something that will be right for you in the long run!


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