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Should I quit finding a new job?

Should I quit finding a new job?


So, you've bitten the bullet and decided you want a new job; maybe a change of career, or a better job in the same industry. The only problem? Your current role. It's a real conundrum; should you quit your job before having another one lined up? 

Simply, there is no right and wrong answer. Some people quit their jobs without anything else lined up all the time; others are a little more cautious, and prefer to wait.

It is purely a matter of personal choice, but taking time to think it over is vital. Basing decisions like this on instinct and gut feeling can lead to poor choices which you'll regret later down the line.

Other things to consider include:

  • Are there other options? Do I have to quit, or can I transfer to another job in the company, or another company in the portfolio?
  • What's driving the move? Maybe unhappiness is more general, rather than just work.
  • Can you afford to have six months or so off work? Would your savings tide you over for that long - or maybe longer?
  • Will being unemployed give you the time to find a new role?

Answering these questions will generally give you an indication whether quitting immediately is right for you, or not. 

Something else to consider is the notion of unemployment bias, where recruiters view people who are out of work negatively. But there's also the chance that, by quitting your job, it'll lift your mood and make you appear a more desirable candidate than the downtrodden and miserable candidate still in a job they hate.


Again, there's no right and wrong. It's your call. Have a look through these questions, answer them honestly and weigh up the risks against the reward. The right course of action will soon become apparent.

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