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Why career management is crucial for progression

Why career management is crucial for progression


We all want success. But we have to accept that success doesn’t just drop into your lap; you have to carefully plan for success. That’s why ‘career management’ is a crucial if you want to progress to a better job with a higher salary.

Take Clare for example. Clare, 48, had worked as a Health Care Assistant for nine years and was a highly respected member of staff in her organisation. But after nine years in the same role, she started to feel like it was time for a change.

Clare decided that she would like to stay in the healthcare sector, but wanted more of a challenge. She’d always liked the idea of becoming a Medical Secretary, but despite having knowledge of the sector she didn’t feel she had the right skills to apply for such a role.

Rather than letting her lack of skills and confidence prevent her from progressing to a new role, Clare took control through career management. She took a step back and looked at her current skillset and knowledge, determined what she needed to do to become qualified to work as a Medical Secretary, and she set herself targets to keep her motivated until she reached her goals. 

“Whether you’re wanting to progress with your current employer or want to completely change your career, the only person responsible for making that happen is you. You have to take action and manage your own career progression,” says Maria Lalor, manager of Pitman Training Swords.

Taking action

Career management is a constant process, it doesn’t stop when you get the promotion your wanted or start your new role. If you want to progress in today’s competitive employment market you need to continuously be sharpening your skills and planning for your next career move.

Yes, it is a difficult process at times and can be hard work, but if you’re always on the lookout for how you can improve in your career then the rewards, promotions and opportunities will always open up for you. Success comes to those who plan and take action; success is the result of career management.

If you’d like some help and support on how to manage your career and achieve your goals, talk to one of our career advisors. Book an appointment today; call 01 8404075 or email swords@pitman-training.net.


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