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Don’t Wait Until New Year To Start Your New Job Search

Don’t Wait Until New Year To Start Your New Job Search


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s an uncertain time of year for recruiters. Both because everyone is on the wind down for the festive season already, and many companies have budgets that recent at the beginning of every calendar year. But the good news is that means January, one of the best times of year for recruitment, is also not far away!

But while you may not need to start applying for new jobs until the New Year, don’t just put your feet up and wait for the busy period to start. Take this time to get your CV in order and assess your skills. This is also a good time to start researching the potential roles you’d like to go for in the New Year, and look at what skills and experience are required to make you a valuable candidate.

Start to compare the roles that you’re interested in and their requirements against your current skillset. Do they match up or are there areas where you might need training? Particularly if you’re looking to move to a new industry or step into a significantly different role to your current one, it can be valuable to consider training courses. Start these over the Christmas break to get a head start ready for when you start applying for roles in the New Year. Even if you haven’t completed your training when you apply for the job, showing that you’re being proactive and are already developing the relevant skills is a positive sign.

It’s also time to start reworking your CV ready for the jobs you’re looking to apply for. Ensure that firstly your CV is completely up to date and accurate with all your latest details, skills and experience. Then, start to use the research you have done into the job roles that you’d like to apply for to tailor your CV. Put emphasis on any experience or skills you’ve gained that are transferrable into the new role. It’s also good to highlight in the job descriptions any key words and phrases, and try to work these into your CV where possible to help reinforce that you’re a serious candidate for consideration.

January will be here before we know it, so don’t keep putting off your new job search. Get ahead and start preparing to start your new career in the New Year.

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