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Better English Means Better Jobs.

 A new course from Pitman Training Swords has been released due to massive demand. ‘Business English’ is for anyone whose first language isn’t English. It is to get people to the standard needed to work in an office or other business.

Maria Lalor, from the Swords-based centre, said: “We have had people from about 20 different countries through the centre, learning various courses. This new course is ideal for them, whether they are doing other training with us or not. Lots of highly skilled people come to this country and have to take very menial, low-paid jobs - either because they don’t have good enough speaking or writing skills for businesses, or just that they don’t have a qualification as proof of their ability.
“I’m delighted that this course will help them achieve those standards and they can get the jobs they deserve.”
The new course is an online one, so can be studied anywhere with broadband Internet access. The course is split into 50 lessons with lots of interactive practice exercises. Sound and video are used to create an enjoyable learning experience and learners get to read, listen, speak and write. And all without embarrassing themselves in front of others!
In order to best prepare learners for work, specific topics are covered, including: Careers/Recruitment, the Service Industry, Wholesale & Retail, Communications, etc. It can be completed in 3 months or less – depending on the amount of study put in – and has a guideline learning time of 50 hours.
The course prepares learners for the University of Cambridge ESOL BULATS exam, which can also be taken at the Pitman centre.

Press contact: Maria Lalor 01 8404075 or 0860491097

 Further information: Pitman Training Swords opened in 2007 and provides cost-effective training in finance, management, specialist secretarial and soft skills to individuals and organisations. The centre, which is also FETAC accredited, is part of the worldwide Pitman Training group which is over 170 years old.



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