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Planning For Life After Education?


Planning For Life After Education: What Are My Options?

If you are about to or have just left full time education, be it school, college, or even university, you may be wondering what is next for you? There are many routes a person can take after education of any level, and the routes available can often be confusing and daunting. The following article aims to clearly set out the options available to leavers of education from Leaving Certificate level right up to Primary Degree level.

Option 1 – Further Education

For a school leaver, this could mean college, a college leaver may consider university, and a university graduate may consider extending their degree with a Masters or equivalent next level qualification.

Taking the further education route is ideal if you are someone who enjoys education and the structure of the courses. If you are academic minded you may want to consider the further education route to continue to excel in a field you feel comfortable and passionate about, and the heavily theory-based course content may appeal.

Option 2 – Career Training/Qualifications

No matter what your current level of education and qualification, career training can be a valid option for you. There are a variety of levels of training starting from basic right up to expert in a wide range of careers and fields. Career qualifications are often highly regarded by employers as, although they may touch on some theory where relevant to understand the task at hand, the vast majority of the course is training based, and therefore teaches and measures the practical skill and knowledge of the participant rather than purely their knowledge of the theory.

Career training and qualifications are an ever increasingly popular choice due to their practical nature, and are often sought after by employers in certain fields. There are also certain areas and careers that can only be opened up to a candidate by undertaking training and gaining specific qualifications, for example the position of Medical Secretary would require career training rather than further education.

Option 3 – Jobs

There are jobs available for people with all levels of qualification and ability, with some entry level positions requiring little to no qualification as the company offers full training. There are some careers where even the entry level jobs require a certain level of experience and/or recognised qualification before a candidate can be considered, depending on the field. If this were the case it may be necessary to consider option 1 or 2 before moving onto searching for a job.

Going straight from education into a job, depending on your chosen field and level of education required, is ideal for someone who does not enjoy education or theory-based learning or someone who wants to gain some experience in their chosen field in order to progress.


Maria Lalor 

15th July 2013


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