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Read what our Career Planning Co-ordinator Carol says:
Be proud of yourself and value yourself - if you do this, then an employer will too...
The Job Market Is On The Up; Time For a Change of Career Scenery?
The recent survey by jobs site IrishJobs.ie has revealed that almost 20% more jobs have been advertised over the past year, compared to the previous year....
9 Helpful Tips For Working With Recruiters In Your Job Search
Recruitment agencies are here to help you to find the job that best suits you. But they can only help you if you are willing to work with them in return....
7 Tips For Better Diary Management for PAs
As a personal/executive assistants, you will find that a large chunk of your day is spent organising the management diary. It is not an easy task and the organisation of the calendar is just the beginning!...
10 Tips For Boosting Productivity As A Personal Assistant
As a personal assistant, you can boost productivity with these 10 simple tips:...
5 Tips For Mastering Minute Taking In Meetings
Minute taking is one of the key responsibilities for many administrative positions, particularly roles with ‘assistant’ in the title. Personal assistants, executive assistants and other admin staff are often required to take meeting minutes for their senior....
Back to school does not have to mean just the kids
September marks a lot of new beginnings. It is the beginning of a new season, it is the beginning of a new school year for the kids, and it can also be the beginning of your new career....
Role Spotlight: Medical Secretary/Personal Assistant
The Medical Secretary or Medical Personal Assistant role is an exciting and challenging extension of the admin based secretary/PA role. The hours are sociable (working 9-5 Monday to Friday), the role is exciting and challenging and the salary/benefits offered make it a worthwhile progression for admin staff looking for a more exciting role. So what exactly does a Medical Secretary/PA do?...
Role Spotlight: Admin Assistant or Executive Assistant
Administrative roles are becoming ever more popular, as they offer a sociable 9-5 working week and are enjoyably challenging, with great salaries and benefits packages on offer. If you are wondering if an administrative role could be for you, take a look at the varying role of the admin or executive assistant....
10 Skills The Modern Day Legal Secretary Needs
A career as a legal secretary used to involve a lot of answering phones, a great deal of typing and, really, not a lot else. Luckily, for those thinking of pursuing a new career in this field, things have changed. A lot....
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